About Us

Operating in BURSA Nilüfer Beşevler Industrial Zone, CMF OVEN SYSTEMS started its activities in 1980 with various commercial dealerships. Later, it focused on foreign trade activities and successfully expanded its field of activity by exporting and importing foodstuffs, iron and steel products to various countries. At the end of the R&D activities, the multi-purpose combined oven, the patent of which belongs to our company, has been produced and presented to its customers. Cooking performance reports have been received from various universities, and the R&D project supported by Tübitak has been successfully completed. In order to increase product quality and increase production capacity, our company has moved its R&D and manufacturing activities to Bursa.

Our company, which continues its activities on the basis of increasing product quality, continues to offer economical and healthy products that can be used to meet basic needs.


As Cmf, to design environmentally friendly products, to create economic value by selling our products to domestic and foreign markets without sacrificing quality.


To make people’s lives easier by maintaining economical, multi-purpose product designs.

Official References

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